My cycling statistics one year back are quite revealing…

April 2012 – February 2013

  • April & May: getting prepared for my summer biking.
  • June: mountain biking in Georgia.
  • July & August: my longest distance ever, in Poland and the Baltic countries.
  • September/October: dedicated biking to/from work + some longer weekend tours to the Tyresta National Park outside Stockholm.
  • November, December & January: heavy snowing, extremely low temperatures, combined with the flu, forced me to leave the bike at home for some time and use the bus and metro. This was also, of course, the most tempting period of the year in terms of calory rich food and sweets.

I’ve put on some 3 kilos of weight since last summer. Normal, I would say, considering the circumstances. Looking at the graphics again makes me think that now I have a good opportunity to start getting back on track again by increasing step by step my weekly biking distance and setting up some positive short term and long term goals.

My short term and long term goals
Every weekend, from now on, will be reserved for some long distance training. Looking forward to revisit Tyresta National Park and also to explore some new sights around Stockholm. Then, Cycling for Libraries Sweden in May is my prime short term goal, and after that, of course,  Cycling for Libraries in Holland/Belgium. And my long term goal is to beat my monthly curve from previous year, and set a new positive standard for myself. This blog post is part of my strategy,  I’ll keep an eye on it and remind myself of my challenge. This, I think, will give me the positive motivation I need to make the change happen.

Today I’ll make my first investment: biking from home to a party at a friends house in Vallentuna. I tried to do it last autumn but my bike broke down and I had to leave it halfways. Now the time has come to go all the way! But, yes, I WILL allow myself to take the bike on the train back home again. After Party Winter Midnight Biking, after all, is not the most pleasant activity I can think of  🙂

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