Having been at the crossroad for
some time, trying to figure out whether to take the bike to Qazbegi or not, I finally made up my mind today. After having been warned several times for the potentially aggressive dogs on the roads (one recommended me to always have a stick with me, and I read in the newspaper about rabies…) I decided to leave the bike in Tbilisi and take a minibus instead. My host here in Tbilisi helped me to book a B&B in Stepandsminda. So tomorrow I’m off to the mountains, yay! I do hope the temperature will be cooler than here, I’m already fed up with the heat that seems to get worse everyday. There are only two options for me when it’s hot: at the beach (and in the shadow and/or IN the water) or high up in the mountains. So please, Mr Weather Forecast, no heatwave!

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