As much as I love mobility and freedom I hate conformity and slavery. The Device, that originally promised and symbolized freedom, is now mainstream. What first implied disruption from ordinary routine has already become the Norm. And what irony. A revolutionary messages that has the potential to challenge our new way of life is so embedded in the Normal behaviour that we don’t even bother about the way the critical message is reproducing our learnt slave behaviour. The message goes viral, and is watched by millions, on similar mobile devices. This video has already been watched nearly 22.000.000 times. The majority of which, most likely, on mobile devices. 

We never look up A beautiful photo experiment  revealing something fundamentally sad and tragic about our current lifestyle. The conformity, the Normal behaviour, the boredom.

We never look up


But, the comfort: very soon, the cooliest thing to do will probably be to sit down at a table, accompanied by good listening interactive friends looking forward to  a unique conversation that only exists once. No replicas. Just a simple chat that is not being recorded and shared. A moment of simple freshness, enchanted by that extraordinarily different flavour of uniqueness, shared by only a few. And that amazing feeling of actually being listened to.

The mystery of the moment.

The kind of feeling when you contemplate a temporary sand castle being swept away by the tide.

The beauty of now.

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